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1. Committee of Management Appointments.

The incoming Committee of Management shall annually, at its first meeting, appoint (unless circumstances deem otherwise) an
(i) Archivist
(ii) Raffle Co-ordinator
(iii) Assistant (or Minute) Secretary
(iv) Band Co-ordinator
(v) Patron
(vi) Picnic Organiser
(vii) Property Manager
(viii) Public Address System Co-ordinator
(ix) Publications Editor
(x) Radio Programme Presenter(s)
(xi) Record Library Controller
and shall advise the Members by notification in the Newsletter.

2. Identity Badges

Committee of Management members shall be supplied with and shall wear identify badges on Association Nights and at all other Association functions and activities

3. Association Night

(i) The shall be arranged weekly whenever possible and practicable

(ii) A standard door charge shall be set by the Committee of Management and reviewed from time to time but not less than annually. The charge shall be two-tier with a concessional rate for Members. A special higher rate for both categories shall be set by the Committee of Management for those occasions when a Guest Artist or Artists perform at an additional cost to the Club.

(iii) A general Raffle, Money Board and other fund raising events shall be conducted among those present when it is lawful and practical to do so.

(iv) The duties of personnel on Door Roster shall be in written form and a copy shall be available on all Association nights.


(v) A different Band shall be booked to appear on consecutive Association Nights and shall be selected and approved by the Committee of Management. The actual bookings shall be arranged by the Band Co-ordinator. Bands are to be paid the rate or rates as determined by the Committee of Management from time to time. Band members are to be encouraged to be uniformly dressed.


(vi) Guest Artists shall be engaged to perform and when it is appropriate the Association shall pay for and arrange:

(a) Fares to and from Perth
(b) Accommodation as necessary
(c) A predetermined playing fee for performances at all or either Association Night(s), Workshop/Seminars, Jazz Picnic.
The Guest Artists(s) shall sign a contract to perform as agree in return for a fee(s) as
set by the Committee of Management.

4. Conduct of Members

(i) Members are at all times to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for the Association. They shall maintain a neat and tidy standard of dress. Subject to and in conjunction with Rule 12 of the Rules of Association, in the case of a misdemeanour or the misconduct of a member, the Committee may exercise full power, at its discretion, to advise, reprimand, suspend, expel or impose penalties on any member of the Association who, in the sole and absolute judgment of the majority of the Committee has been found guilty, either in or out of the Club premises, of any act, practice, conduct, or circumstance which discredits or prejudices the reputation of the Club, or impairs or affects the enjoyment of the Club by other members, or causes ill-feeling or friction between or among members. The offending member has the right to appeal and be heard at a subsequent committee hearing.

(ii) Members shall advise the Membership Officer of their current address, and all notices required to be sent or given to Members shall be deemed to have been to such address as is last known, whether notified as current or not.


(iii) No Member shall remove from the Association upon any pretext whatsoever any newspaper, book or any other article, or item of equipment, the property of the Association unless duly authorised to do so.


(iv) Any Member who shall destroy, damage or lose any property belonging to, or in the care of the Association shall be liable for the full cost of replacing same.

5. Band Members

(i) Where local Band Leaders have a band performance organized by the Association, the Band Leader shall be a financial member of the Association.

(ii) Band Members who perform at more than two gigs a year are to be encouraged to be financial members of the Association.



6. Hire or Loan of Equipment

Association equipment shall not be hired out with or without a charge and shall be used only or Association purposes. This Clause shall not preclude the signing of a formal Contract for the loan of an instrument owned by the Association.



7. Association Identity

(i) Official Association colours shall be Black on Gold. These shall be used wherever possible for and in conjunction with Association functions.

(ii) The Association shall have an Official Logo

8. Life Members shall receive

(i) Free admission on Association Nights
(ii) Free annual Membership
(iii) Complimentary Tickets to Association functions and events
(iv) Life Member’s Badge
(v) Life Member’s Certificate

A Life Member’s partner shall also receive items (i) to (iii) inclusive.


9. Patron shall receive

(i) Free admission on Association Nights
(ii) Free Annual Membership
(iii) Complimentary Tickets to Association functions and events.
The Patron’s partner shall also receive items (i) to (iii) inclusive.

10. Concession Admission

The following shall be admitted without charge on Association Nights, excluding specific Fund Raising functions.
(i) Association Committee of Management Members
(ii) The Committee of Management of other Jazz Clubs where such rights are reciprocated.

(iii) Association Sub-committee Members when conducting the business of their Sub-committee

(iv) Association members on Rostered Door Duty
(v) Media Personnel (on the production of identity) who support and/or advertise the Association through their programme or another medium
(vi) Musician Members of the Association on the production of a current Membership card. A Member of the Association may be classed as a Musician Member of the Association if they have been named, and paid for, a gig at an Association event in the
current, or preceding financial year
(vii) Partner/one Parent of the Musician on those Nights on which the Musician has been booked to perform at the Association
(viii) Door Roster volunteers on the production of their “free pass” received in return for their services on Door Duty.


11. Members’ Rate Admission

The following shall be admitted at Member rate on Association Nights on the production of evidence of their current Club Membership status:

(i) Other Metropolitan Jazz Club visiting Members.
(ii) Interstate Jazz Clubs visiting Members.
(iii) W.A. Country Jazz Club visiting Members.

12. Birthday Party

The Committee of Management shall endeavour to organize a function on a suitable date in November each year. The function shall have a theme, with other details as arranged and agreed.

13. Annual Ball

The Committee of Management may appoint a Sub-committee to organize an annual Jazz Club Ball. The Sub-committee shall abide by the regulations set out in Rule 15 (d) of the Rules of Association. The Annual Ball shall not be held later than July in any year unless
circumstances prevent it from being held by that month.

14. Jazz Picnic

Jazz Picnics shall be held at least monthly at an approved venue when circumstances and weather permitting. The Picnic Organiser, in conjunction with the Band Co-Ordinator, shall select and book a Band to play at each Picnic, subject to the approval of the selection by the Committee of Management. Such Band engaged shall be paid at a rate and shall play for a time span, both as set by the Committee of Management. In addition, a small payment shall be made to the Band Leader for the use of an Amplification system when such is not provided by the Association. A raffle shall be conducted amongst those present unless circumstances prevent it. All Bands approved to perform at Jazz Picnics shall sign a Band Contract in advance to be provided by the Band Co-Ordinator, as set out under By-Law 3 (v) above.

15. Radio Programme

The Committee of Management may appoint all Members of a Radio and Publicity Sub- the committee which shall be responsible to the Committee of Management for the functioning of such Radio Programme(s) as shall be approved from time to time. The costs of the air time for such programme(s) shall be offset by the obtaining of Sponsorship and by any other fundraising means approved by the Committee of Management. Such Sponsors shall sign a Sponsorship Agreement/Contract, setting out, inter alia, the value and length of the term of Sponsorship. The Presenter(s) of the Radio Programme(s) shall be remunerated by way of a recoup of expenses, such recoup to be determined by the Committee of Management as and when requested.



16. Newsletter

The Association shall publish a Newsletter titled JAZZNOTES. The publication shall be the official organ of the Association and it shall be produced monthly and distributed to all Members and such other Organisations and Individuals as shall be required by Law and/or as determined by the Committee of Management. The Publications Editor shall be responsible to the Committee of Management for the content of the Newsletter and shall refer to it, prior to publication, any item he has received which does not support the Objects or Purposes of the Association, or which he considers to be of a contentious nature.

17. Music Collection

The Committee of Management shall approve a monthly sum to be expended in maintaining a Music Collection, the resulting purchases to be primarily available for use in the Radio Programme(s). The sum available shall not exceed the agreed amount set by the Committee of Management from time to time.

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