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The Venue

The weekly events of the Jazz Club of WA are held at the Civic Hotel, 981 Beaufort St, Inglewood.

The Civic Hotel is the home of the Milk Bar, a live band room, hosting our events since 2022.

A large well lit carpark is located behind the venue; entry is through the rear beer garden and into the hotel, and then through to the Milk Bar. Club members are happy to assist guests to and from their car.


The Milk Bar band room features a large stage which is fully equipped with lighting and sound equipment operated by the in-house sound engineer.


The venue provides tables and seating as well as a bar in the band room serving food and drinks.
The Civic Hotel -
a sponsor of the Jazz Club of WA - offers Jazz Club patrons a 10% discount, and a 10% future credit, on hotel purchases made using The Pass, a smart phone app from Australian Venue Co (AVC). See staff for details.

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The Atmosphere

With a large dancefloor full of fun and laughs, you are welcome to dance and swing as much as you like!

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Jazz Club of Wa - Live Jazz bands perth

Food & Drinks

Enjoy a wide variety of food and beverages, in our private area of the Milk Bar. Eftpos is also available

The hotel caters to all food requirements:

V - Vegetarian | VG - Vegan | GF - Gluten friendly | DF - Dairy friendly | VO - Vegeterian option available | VGO - Vegan option available | GFO - Gluten friendly option available

Jazz Club of Wa - Live Jazz bands perth

Parking & Entry

When you visit the Jazz Club of WA, there will be lots of well-lit, free parking spaces at the rear of the Civic Hotel, with the entrance off Wood St or Salisbury St. Our friendly club members also provide you with the option to be escorted to and from your car.

Costs: General Admission $20, members and students $15

If you need wheelchair access please let us know and we can provide you with a ramp / any other help you need

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